The Witness

Set aside 10 minutes a day to take a moment with reality;
it can be any 10 minutes.

Now without stopping awareness,
let the senses loose;
really hear, really feel, see, smell, and taste things as they are.
Immerse yourself in a world without preconceived notions.
A world without your opinions or judgments of it.

This world is the common reality we all share.
It can be witnessed.

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  2. Last time I did this (with less than usual failure) a question came from feeling the warmth of the sun rising. What is the difference between touching the sun and feeling the sun? Is it not the sun that is touching you? I thought about my brother and how the memories of him still touch people. How far is something that can reach you in the very moment? Is it only as far as the capacity to receive it? Does it work like invisible radio waves? An object oriented perspective leaves us cold to feel the sun is so far away even though the distant sun does reach all the way to us, just the same as our distant memories / experiences.

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    1. Objectively? The difference is death and life. Too close to the sun, death. Too far from the sun, also death, haha. Life is sustained right where it’s found. Its place is very specific. A result of circumstance that can be painted in so many meanings.

      Now, subjectively? I guess the sun’s rays could be an analogy to a person’s words. Are the words the same as the person? Sometimes, the words I say change the person I am. If one were to assume my words were the same as me, there would be error. We feel the sun as it was. Only the sun can feel itself as it is.

      Perspective is tricky, it is limited by your own awareness and understanding of your own experience. It’s impossible to communicate reality to another as it is. We can only discuss how we personally felt it was. Hence the witness.

      Do you remember this one? It’s one of my faves..

      “I just had a thought.. They say 95% of women have fantasies of being with other women.. Do you know what that means? ..It means ..eventually.. they won’t even need us! ..What are we going to do about this?!”


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