The Self

Perhaps a person’s identity is simply a spontaneously appearing,
emergent function of unique feedback systems that produce the new
while at the same time, being produced by the old.

The various processes within a mind would create a chaotic being
incapable of maintaining consistency in life; so, the I appears to be single and continuous.

But does identity exist beyond the memory of the interactions of feedback systems
in a person’s internal and external environment?

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  1. I wonder if leaves think about an underworld where death and decay is ruler? For them that is the soil below haha. Do they dress up the sexy leaves to play vampires Vs werewolves to imagine the horrors of the underworld? If only they were expressive as we are… But why do we have similar notions that a leaf would have? Our expression is always off target, and realizing a sense truly is a form of art. How does the plant convey to that leaf that it’s life cost something? It has purpose to serve something capable of returning season after season if the leaves do well. For them, it means eternal life basically. Yet they continue to experience death individually, so they do not directly experience eternity as individuals. I feel like we are like leaves that serve a living system that survives the long seasons even when the leaves do not. That is why we also share the notion of the end times. People of all mindsets do preconceive an ending for us, but the expressions vary. What do we attribute these common preconceptions to other than evidence that our life is a relationship with a more everlasting tree of eternal life? At least that is what a human thought today while looking at leaves…

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    1. Leaves as individual organisms or leaves as individual neurons? One would emerge a culture, the other a consciousness.

      I was talking with a bio-anth. professor about skin cells and how they are coerced into facing out into the dangerous world by being made to believe food exists there. Stomach cells too. They are constantly being killed off just to digest material to sustain something they cannot fathom. A pattern indeed..

      What is it all for? Knowing would complete the journey; so I’d rather not, haha.

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    2. Haha it does warn us about eating that fruit of knowledge in ancient writings. It even says it causes death.


    3. I’m reminded of another ancient writing about a cave…


  2. Imagine it as leaves asking the same questions. It is fun.

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    1. Haha, yes!
      “Consciousness communicating with consciousness. What else is there to do?” -Mooji

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