Meditation and Mindfulness

Starting with mindfulness, one becomes aware of the world.
You become mindful of your thoughts, your feelings, the words you use.
It is the beginning to a more purposeful life of understanding and grace.
Right conduct as it’s also known.

Many great meditative traditions begin with a practice in awareness.
The west is finally beginning to understand its own.
Let’s just not forget that the goal of mindfulness is to teach you how to meditate.

Meditation is the awareness that doesn’t use words.
If your practice is filled with inner monologue, no matter how mindful it may be,
than your awareness is using words. And meditating you are not.

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  1. RahulYuvi says:

    But besides knowing how to meditate , its equally important to know that how to handle spiritual experiences -both your own as well as those that you keep on hearing/reading ! So here’s another one from my Spiritual Series (Featured yet again on :

    “Don’t Hallucinate,Just Meditate ” – (5 Minute read )

    Would love hear you back as feedback !


    1. The mindfulness practice addresses this necessity of understanding one’s experience. Meditation comes after one can unbias her or his perception of the world and thus be willing and able to explore a perspective he or she has never experienced.

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