We can color our perception of reality to allow only beauty into our awareness.
We can also color our perception to allow only hostility.
However, if we bias our experience of reality,
then we miss the other side and live as partial beings.
It is only when we can embrace reality in its entirety, with full awareness,
that we can truly live as holistic beings.

There is always the broadest division of good vs not good in any situation.
Now, within each category of good there are varying degrees of not good.
Within each category of not good, there are varying degrees of good.
Each one of these degrees of good and not good also has a mirror perspective.
All good things can be viewed as not good; while, all not good things
can be viewed as good. This infinitude of perspective is one of the difficulties
self-actualizing humans face when trying to understand their place in reality.

Humans have spent centuries developing a rich history
of advice and analysis for understanding reality and how to cope
with the dual nature of it. From self-control to deity worship,
humans have attempted countless ways to redefine reality
to make it everless hostile and evermore beautiful.
The tragedy is contained within the separation from reality these attempts can create.
Without understanding reality as it is,
humans will always struggle with the fact that reality
will rarely be how they think it should.
Indeed, it is a hostile struggle to try and make reality more beautiful than it already is.

Any Thoughts?

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